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    The Haggai Law Firm
    Facebook IconSeptember 22, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    Big Insurance is spending a ton of money on ads to convince the public that Prop 46 is bad law.... I think it has more to do with protecting their surplus! #YesOn46

    While injured Californians face damage caps, medical malpractice insurers have record surpluses...


    Since 1975, after complaints that medical malpractice insurance rates were out of control, Californians injured by medical malpractice have been limited by law in how much they can be awarded in compensation. But what’s out of control now is the money available for profits for medical malpractice i…

    The Haggai Law Firm
    Facebook IconSeptember 12, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    A small percentage of doctors commit the vast majority of medical malpractice cases. So, why are they afraid to pee in a cup?

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    Carl Bergstrom | Yes on 46 - Pack Patient Safety Act


    Carl Bergstrom Carmel The Offense: Cocaine Abuse Dr. Bergstrom accidentally left his office dictating machine on, creating an audiotape which spanned the course of 5.5 hours. In the tape, he was heard purchasing and using cocaine, as well as selling cocaine and trading it for sex. He was also heard…

    The Haggai Law Firm
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    The Haggai Law Firm shared Patient Safety & Protection's photo.

    Yes on 46!

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    Why vote yes on #Prop46 for patient safety? Doctors screw up 15 percent of the time.http://nws.mx/1usDVbQ

    By: Patient Safety & Protection

    The Haggai Law Firm
    Facebook IconSeptember 4, 2014 at 12:07 am

    California Patient Safety Act! Vote Yes on 46!

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    Yes On California Prop 46

    United States Senator Barbara Boxer speaks out for Proposition 46 in a new advertisement featuring the photos of children lost to preventable medical errors.

  • Personal Injury Attorney Serving Accident Victims in Paramount

    When members of the Paramount community have become injured as the result of another party’s negligence, the Haggai Law Firm can provide superior legal guidance.  Your life can be interrupted by a personal injury in many different ways including by the accumulation of massive medical bills, lost time at work and property damages that are sustained due to a car accident.  As a personal injury law firm, we make it our goal to protect Paramount residents from experiencing any further financial, physical or emotion damages that will diminish their ability to make full recoveries.  The Haggai Law firm offers representation in all capacities, such as to those who have received auto accident injuries or injuries through pedestrian or biking accidents, wrongful death suits and even slip fall cases that merit fast and accurate legal action.

    We know that there are certain events that result in far more than emotional suffering and broken bones and that there are some forms of negligence that can be entirely life changing.  Our legal professionals offer focused and compassionate services for those who have sustained a severe and life-altering personal injury such as spinal cord injury and brain injury.  When injuries require ongoing care and even a lifetime of medical services, they can drain the resources of families fast and will continue to burden people by affecting their emotional and financial well-being.

    With every case that we handle, it is our goal to help people get the best outcome for their circumstances.  We know that all case are unique and we are therefore proud to tailor or representation for meeting specific needs in every case.  If you have sustained physical injuries due to an accident or as the result of someone else’s negligence and seek compensation for pain and suffering, let one of our attorneys assist you in recovering fully.  Our consultations are free of cost and they will help you to know more about the legal process and the manner in which your case is going to be handled so that you can confidently hold the negligent party liable for your loss and injuries.  Use 310-998-2420 to call us right now.

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    1. Head southeast on All America City Way toward Somerset Blvd
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    5. Merge onto I-105 W
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    9. Take the 3rd left onto W Century Blvd
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